Short term training for College students:

We offer 2 weeks short term training for college students in molecular biology, cell culture and Bioinformatics, Genomics and Pharmacoinformatics techniques. Training can be started on mutually agreed dates anytime of the year.

Cell culture techniques

  • Medium Preparation

  • Trypsinizaton, Cell Counting and subculturing

  • Cryopreservation and Cryo revival

Screening and Evaluation of synthetic and natural compounds for anticancer activity:

  • Proliferation assays (MTT and LDH)

  • Colony formation assay (short-term treatment and its long-term effect)

  • Spheroid assay (assay for stemness)

  • Apoptosis assay (Cell death assay)

  • Scratch Assay (Migration assay)

  • Isolation and establishment of cells from tissue samples (primary and stem cells)

Micribiology techniques

  • Microscope handling and usage

  • Simple staining of bacteria

  • Preparation of media for bacteria growth

  • Cultivation of bacteria on solid media

  • Cultivation of bacteria on liquid media

  • Isolation of bacteria from soil / food sample

  • Gram staining of bacteria

  • Identification of fungi by staining

  • Biochemical tests for bacterial identification

  • Screening of enzyme production by bacteria

  • Detection of drug resistance in bacteria

  • Observing yeast cells under microscope

  • Examination of bacterial motility

  • Sterilization and disinfection techniques

Bioinformatics analysis

  • Pairwise and multiple sequence alignment and Database similarity search

  • Phylogenetic tree construction and analysis

  • Designing of PCR primers

  • Homology modelling and threading methods

  • Application of Molecular docking in computer aided drug design

  • Application of molecular simulations (GROMACS) to understand the native structures of biomolecules

  • Whole genome and SNP data analysis

Molecular biology techniques 

  • Restriction digestion

  • Ligation

  • DNA gel electrophoresis

  • DNA gel extraction

  • Preparation of competent cells from bacteria

  • Bacterial transformation

  • Plasmid DNA isolation from E.coli

  • Genomic DNA isolation from Bacteria, animal cells, plant cells and tissue.

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

  • Animal Cell Culture and maintenance of human cancer cell lines

  • Freezing & thawing of human cancer cell lines

  • RNA extraction from human cancer cell lines

  • cDNA synthesis

  • Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR)

  • Induction of proliferation and differentiation in human cancer cell lines

  • Protein extraction from human cancer cell lines

  • SDS-PAGE and coomassie blue staining

  • MTT Assay for proliferation/cytotoxicity

  • Cytospin slide preparation and staining of hematopoietic cells for visualizing differentiation of cells

 For further enquiries contact - Dr.Thirumurthy          : 99445 72918

                                            Dr.Sivaramakrishnan : 94449 31980