We offer R&D service for pharmacoinformatics related study for faculties and students of other colleges and Universities. We have a well-established molecular modeling facility, and well-experienced faculties (both in India and abroad) as consultants. We will provide consultations and our facility for a nominal fee. We will perform pharmacoinformatics studies on request or collaborative or mutual understanding.

I. Services provided will include

  1. Databases and information sources in chemistry (PubChem).

  2. Structural search, sub-structural similarity searches.

  3. In Silico representations of chemical structures: strings (SMILES), molecular graphs (connectivity table).

  4. Data exchange formats and calculation of molecular descriptors

  5. Data analysis using chemometric instruments using 3D-QSAR method (Field and fragment) for drug design

  6. Identification of new hits by virtual screening techniques using ligand and structure based pharmacophore modelling.

  7. Application of Molecular docking and molecular simulation in hit identification and lead expansion of drug discovery process.

  8. Molecular modeling of GPCR and Protein Kinase 

II. Short-term training on Genetic Engineering techniques

We impart training on pharmacoinformatics training to person according to their research and academic needs.