We offer R&D service for Dental related study for faculties and students of other colleges and Universities. We have a well-established Dental facility, and well-experienced faculties (both in India and abroad) as consultants. We will provide consultations and our facility for a nominal fee. We will perform research and analysis in dental related studies on request or collaborative or mutual understanding.

I. Services provided will include (first of its kind to develop in India)

  1. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in periodontitis.

  2. Oral cancer diagnostics- Cell line development, cell line for therapeutics and drug delivery.

  3. Developing tooth model stem cell line for regenerative Periodontics and dental pulp.

  4. Natural drug discovery in oral diseases.

  5. System biology approach for drug discovery and biomarkers in oral bone pathology.

  6. Bioinformatics based mathematical model for early oral cancer diagnosis.

II. Short-term training on Genetic Engineering techniques

We impart training on basic molecular biology techniques Genetic to dental students according to their research and academic needs.