We offer R&D service for cell culture related study for faculties and students of colleges and Universities. We have a well-established Cell culture facility, and well-experienced (both in India and abroad) faculties as consultants. We will provide consultations and our facility for a nominal fee. We will perform in vitro studies on request or collaborative or mutual understanding.

I.Screening and Evaluation of synthetic chemicals and natural compounds for anticancer activity

1. Proliferation assay

a. MTT/XTT assay

b. LDH assay

c. BrdU assay

2. Cytotoxicity Assay

a. Trypan Blue dye exclusion assay

b. Acridine Orange assay

c. Crystal Violet assay

d. DNA fragmentation assay(EtBr)

e. COMMET assay

3. Colony formation Assay

4. Oxidative stress related assay

a. Antioxidants Enzyme activity assay

b. Oxidase/ Peroxides activity assays

c. Lipid per oxidation Assays

5. Gelatin Zymography

6.  Mitochondrial dysfunction assay

7.  Inflammation assay

8.  Spheroid assay

9.  Migration/Scratch/Would healing assay

10.Invasion / Trans-well assay

11. Transient and Stable transfection studies

12. Isolation of primary cells murine and human           tissues


Paneth Cells

HUVEC / Endothelial cells

Hepatic stellate cells

13. DNA/RNA Isolation

High quality DNA / RNA extracted from

Cell lines

Whole blood


Frozen cells

II.Isolation and Characterization of Stem cells from Umbilical cord, dental pulp, blood and Urine samples


Recent advances in the field of regenerative medicine have unfolded the possibility of differentiating Stem Cells in to different cell types. We have experts in Stem cell research, we will provide consultancy to the researchers for getting Ethical clearance, obtaining the samples, isolation and characterization of stem cells and differentiating them into various cell types.

III. Short term training on Cell Culture techniques


We impart training on Cell culture techniques to person according to their research and academic needs.