Basics training for Class 8-12th Students

We offer 2 weeks summer training programmed for school children to understand the biology concepts, developing practical skills in biology subject and reasoning abilities, improving team work abilities and integrate learning of biology content and process. All the teachers are experts in biology field, trained in abroad as a PhD scholar and Post doctoral Fellowship.


  • Observing bacterial and yeast cells

  • Observing bacterial swimming

  • Observation of reproduction in yeast

  • Grow fungus and observe it under microscope

  • Destroy bacteria using disinfectant

  • Observe glowing bacteria

  • Observe microbes in food

  • Count the number of bacteria

  • Starch degradation using bacteria

  • How to kill microbes using sterilization

  •  Identify microbes in spoil food

  • Microscope handling and usage

  • Counting cells under microscope

  • Isolation of DNA from bacteria

  • Plasmid DNA isolation from bacteria

  • Agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA