Biomedical Facility

We offer R&D service for biomedical related studies for industries and academic institution. We have a well-established biomedical facility, and experienced scientists leading the group. We will also work on contract research based on the requirement of industry.

I. R&D Biomedical Services

  • Design and development of nanotechnology-based orthopedic, dental, and stent implants.

  • 3D printing product based micro needle medical devices.

  • Saline bottle and syringe models using 3D printing.

  • New nanomaterial-based dialysis membrane.

  • Micro fluids based diagnostic test kits.

  • New improved Nanocomposite triple layer for virus protection mask

  • Nano sensor-based various types of intensive care medical devices

  • Surgical and non-surgical medical devices based on nano biomaterials.

II. Short-term training on Cell Culture Techniques 


We impart training on Cell culture techniques to persons according to their research and academic needs.