We offer R&D service for Bioinformatics related study for faculties and students of other colleges and Universities. We have a well-established Bioinformatics facility, and well-experienced faculties (both in India and abroad) as consultants. We will provide consultations and our facility for a nominal fee. We will perform In silico studies on request or collaborative or mutual understanding.

I. Sequence Analysis

  1. Pairwise and multiple sequence alignment and Database similarity search

  2. Phylogenetic tree construction and analysis to understand the molecular evolution between groups of protein or nucleotide sequences

  3. Designing of PCR primers

  4. In-silico restriction digestion, transcription, reverse transcription using bioinformatics tools

II. Structural analysis

  1. Predictions of 3D structures of unknown protein sequence with homology modelling and threading methods

  2. To characterise the binding sites of unknown protein structure to understand the biological mechanism.

  3. Identification of new hits by virtual screening techniques using ligand and structure based pharmacophore modelling.

  4. Application of Molecular docking in hit identification and lead expansion of drug discovery process.

  5. Application of molecular simulations to understand the native structures of biomolecules

III. Short-term training on Genetic Engineering techniques

We impart training on Bioinformatics techniques to persons according to their research and academic needs.